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machu picchu We are a young, dynamic and enthusiastic travel team that has been working for the last ten years out of Cusco, Peru. Cusco has an exceptional geographic location in the heart of the Andean world and was formerly the center of the Inca empire, or ´Empire of the Four Winds´. Cusco is in proximity to the fascinating Inca monument of Machu Picchu.

Our general manager, Nancy Farfan, is a native of Cusco, and together with her husband, who came from Italy to fall in love with the region, they offer a vast knowledge of the Andean countries of Peru and Bolivia . This knowledge, coupled with the desire to go off the beaten path, allows Peru Paradise travel to offer you trips at very competitive prices through a region we are very familiar with. Recently Peru Paradise travel opened a second office in the northern part of Peru , in the city of Chiclayo.

Because our goal is to provide impeccable service in optimum conditions of security, all while helping you discover places that are not run of the mill tourist attractions, we concentrate our efforts on Peru and Bolivia, their historic and cultural attractions and the cities and towns in this fascinating and mysterious region. Whether you arrive in Lima, capital of Peru, or whether you begin your trip in any other place in this archeology rich region of South America, we can help you discover and visit the spectacular White cordillera of Ancash with its 25 peaks over 6000 meters above sea level, the historic city of Ayacucho, the lines of Nazca, the Colca canyon (considered the deepest in the world) the beautiful "white city" of Arequipa and, as a climax, the Cusco region, navel of the world. If you wish, we can help you continue your journey towards other adventures in Chile or Equador, help you take a well deserved rest on the beaches of br/azil or Venezuela , or traverse Mexico . Why not, for that matter, discover the unique wildlife of the Galapagos islands?.

Visiting Machu Picchu will definitely be one an unforgettable moment in your journey through the Andes , the visit to the magical citadel alone is worth the trip. Machu Picchu boasts not only unparalleled archaeological treasures, but also magical and mysterious beauty. You can reach this site by train (no road leads to Machu Picchu) or by foot by taking one of Legendary Inca trails where the Inca Chaskis (messenger runners) used to run to br/ing their messages to the four corners of the Empire.

Between Cusco and Bolivia lies the city of Puno , on the banks of lake Titicaca where the legendary Inca Manco Capac was born. Lake Titicaca has many interesting islands such as the floating islands of Uros and Taquile and the islands of the Sun and Moon. One can traverse the lake as part of the journey to Bolivia . In Bolivia you can discover La Paz , the highest capital in the world and its valley of the Moon, visit the city and gold mines of Potosi , or see the constitutional capital of Oruro . Other attractions are the cities of Copacabana, Santa Cruz and Tarija, the dry salt lake of Uyuni , or the desert of South Lipez that leads towards the Chilean border.

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